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1 Week Virtual STEM Camp

Theme : Go Solar !

Kids entering grades 3-8.

Facilitator-led Zoom sessions (designed to fit your kid’s schedule.)

Free of cost.

Limited seats only.

  • Kids will learn about solar energy, electricity, vehicle design, and the steps required to solve open-ended problems.
  • Kids will apply the concepts they’ve learned to design, build, and test their own Solar Powered Cars.
  • Kids will compete to create the fastest, most interesting, and best-crafted solar vehicle possible for the specified design challenge.
  • Your child will have a better understanding of the scientific concepts required to build a solar-powered car.
  • Your child will strengthen their problem-solving skills like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, independence, and persistence.
  • Your child will realize that engineering and invention could be a career for them.
  • You will need NOT buy materials or equipment for the summer camp program.
  • Kids will design, build, and test their Solar Powered Car in a Minecraft-like application called Qweebi. Our instructors will guide the kids to download and install Qweebi on the first day of the camp.
  • Kids will require a Windows laptop, Mac, iPad, or an android tablet to run the Qweebi application.
  • It will be completely free of cost.
  • Kids will require at least 7 sessions to complete the course.
  • The length of each session will be 60 mins.
  • Yes, kids will receive a certificate at the successful completion of the program.
  • Parents will also receive a portfolio of their kid’s creations showcasing their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Click on the link here.