About Jr. Coder !

Jr. coder is the initiative taken by experienced industry professionals who are masters & doctrates in technology from reputed institutes (IIT , BITS) that focuses on teaching coding directly to young kids with their practical industry exposure. 


The online platform is made for children (ages 6 to 18 yrs) who will learn programming and are then encouraged to create games, animations and applications. The startup works with a LIVE 1:1 online teaching format with thoroughly researched curriculum.

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Why every child should learn to code ?

What your child will learn ?

What courses are we offering ?

Python (Beginner)

For Age group: 8+ years
Level 1 : 10 sessions
Level 2 : 25 sessions
This is one of the most popular course among kids these days. You will learn about basics of Python language and we will cover conditionals, strings, basics data structures like lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries, functions, modules and a little bit flavour of turtle programming and more...

Android Development

For Age group: 12+ years
Level 1 : 10 sessions
Level 2 : 20 sessions

You will learn about creating beautiful apps on real android based mobile phone or simulator. We will cover create basic calculator, play with camera, magic ball, create some quizzes and more...


For Age group: 9+ years
Level 1 : 10 sessions
Level 2 : 25 sessions

You will learn about the basics of Javascript and we will cover the concepts like loops, conditionals, and user interface controls like buttons, boxes and more...


For Age group: 8+ years
Level 1 : 15 sessions
Level 2 : 30 sessions

You will learn about the basics of HTML. We will cover single front page website with heading, background image, font, title, basic tags, styling with css and more...

(Block based)

For Age group: 7+ years
Level 1 : 10 sessions
Level 2 : 20 sessions

You will learn about the basics of block coding. We will touch almost all aspects like creating music, animation, stories, create games, playing with alphabets and more...

Python (Advanced)

For Age group: 11+ years
Level 1 : 25 sessions
Level 2 : 40 sessions

You will learn about the basics of Python language and and apart from conditionals, functions, modules, we will cover core concepts of object oriented language like classes, inheritance etc.

Courses coming soon !

Raspberry Pi

Coming soon !

Circuit Python

Coming soon !


Coming soon !

Words from our clients.

"The sessions are very interactive. Sir is very knowledgable and patient. I am enjoying the classes. Will strongly recommend the classes."
"We liked student specific customisation of the course and detail-oriented teaching approach."
"Teachers are having knowledge and patience to teach the kids. Prompt on time & comfortable in teaching the kids, understanding from the kids perspective. I highly recommend Jr. Coder."
"I love the coding classes so much and I can’t wait to learn more. You make a lot of sense when you talk and I understand everything you say. I find coding quiet fun and entertaining and I love scratch. Thank you for your patience and hard work."
"Jr. Coder is the nicest platform I’ve ever had.Teachers have taught me about 30 projects.They makes sure you understand everything you learn.We always make really cool games that we like.You will always find some sort of fun with classes with teachers. Thanks,"
"We want to thank you again for the Scratch course that my son is taking. He really loves it and looks forward to each class for creating something new. Teacher is flexible and available at all times. We liked the project based approach which helps children grasps concepts easily. Most importantly the personal attention that he gets as it is a direct one on one session."

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