Currently “Jr. coder” has 10 courses and few are under content finalisation process and will be listed very soon. Courses are so generic so that anyone (kid, teen or adult) can learn. Courses are:

  • Python (Beginner & Advanced)
  • Android Development
  • Javascript (Beginner & Advanced)
  • HTML (Beginner & Advanced)
  • Scratch
  • C
  • C++

“Jr. coder” is based on 1:1 LIVE teaching via google meet or zoom (open source meeting platform). Our tutors teach with presentations (approved by our technical matter experts) for concepts explanations and use actual tools (SCRATCH, Python app etc.) for practice with screen sharing options. And after the sessions we share the presentation and the assignments with the learner over the email.

Now a days coding becomes the new literacy. When you’re a parent exploring the possibilities that coding classes for kids can bring, you ‘re probably wondering whether coding courses will suit your child. The benefits of learning to code courses extend far beyond future job opportunities. “Jr. coder” courses are  designed to learn computational, problem-solving skills, equips the kids, facilitates creativity and helps students to avoid problems and build preservance.

“Jr. coder`s” courses are oriented towards coding and programming.You will learn:

  • The essentials of coding: Logic, Structure, Sequence, Loops
  • To create Stories, Websites, Animations, Glide, Color, Music, Paint, Cnavas Drawing & Mobile apps & more.
  • How to manipulate data using the programming languages.
  • To think of being a problem solver.
  • Understand how technologies converse with each other.